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yo man i'm totally with you i was talking about wanting a female monster type also. i was hoping riot would potentially deliver this year because they've been focusing a lot on releasing more monster types this year apparently if i read that correctly a while ago!

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man, i hope so! y A y i’ve really been loving all the champions they’ve been releasing even if they are all male! i just want to see more variety. my artistic soul yearns for it.

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man i just want to be cool. or at least feel cool.

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meachie made pretty things today o <o

i’ve been wanting to try this since before AX and i must say i am very pleased with the result. will be implemented in my shop soon

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i vow to work my way up the corporate ladder and infiltrate riot so i can finally give the female population what they deserve: female monsters.

also extremely sexualized skins for male champions.

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gengar-bot replied to your post:i really love everything about zyra but the thing…

it’s riot they’re run by bros. I mean I 100% fucking agree with you. Haunted Zyra was a little better for the monster-girl aspect but gl trying to get them to do something without titties. They filled their quota on jinx.

insecthentai replied to your post:i really love everything about zyra but the thing…

because league of legends. now if you’ll excuse me i have to help nami rbeastfeed fishes

the thing is though, i actually think league is one of the better video games to represent female diversity. at least we have champions like kayle, lulu, poppy, trist, leona and diana who aren’t just walking boobs and ass. and every single female is fucking badass and OP and strong independent woman status.

the thing that pisses me off is that it’s such a standard that the “only” way to make a female recognizably female is to give her boobies and/or revealing clothing. it feels like such a cop-out and otherwise really uncreative. it’s essentially the equivalent to slapping a bow on anything and calling it a girl. once again perpetuating the idea that “male” is automatically default.

all i want is a female monster. preferable from the void. y A y

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Out of curiosity are you getting one of the new pokemon games and if so which version(Ruby/Saphire)?

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HNNNNN i’m really not sure. back when the original came out, i bought all three because that was the peak of my pokemon obsession…. omg man, i don’t know all i know is that i need my banette so whichever game will give it to me

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Storenvy Giveaway Results!

Congratulations to anightdrop for winning First Prize and to jinhawooyoon for winning Second Prize! (★^O^★)

I will message you both shortly to ask for your information and which items you want! If you don’t receive a message from me within the day, send me a note because sometimes Tumblr eats messages.

If you don’t claim your prize within 3 days, I will pick a new winner!

Thank you all so much for entering! You are all winners in my heart (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

Also, a reminder that if you use the code "GLHF" you get 15% off your entire purchase! I’m keeping it open until the 20th when I’ll be closing shop for a short while again while I go on vacation ///O////

Thanks again everyone!!!

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look at that giant gorgeous cute patoot ;*

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AAAAHHHHH smooches u

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how long has it even BEEN since i’ve drawn these nerds

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