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1. Why did you build Chalice on Vlad? 2. Guess who figured out they could do this without actually having a Tumblr account? 3. Don't worry I have a legit question for you. If you could redesign one character in League of Legends who would it be, how would you change them, and why? Wait, was that three questions in one? I'm bad at this.

Asked by Anonymous

1. The opposing team had a lot of AP and my go to first item whenever I play AP on ARAM is usually chalice because it has mana regen, ap, and magic resist. and I just…. I forgot Vlad doesn’t use mana. I bought it for the magic resist without thinking it through oKAY GOD.

2. is that you adolfo

3. To be honest, probably Zyra. She’s a great champion with a great design, but too much of it doesn’t make sense and offends my little feminist heart. Like why would a plant have tits and ass. Why can’t she be more plant-like and less human-like. Why can’t she be more monsterous like Maokai. WHY DOES SHE LOOK EXACTLY LIKE UMA THURMAN’S POISON IVY.

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1. What is your quest? 2. What is your favorite color? 3. Who is your anime husbando 4 lyfe?

Asked by Anonymous

1. I seek the holy grail

2. UMmmm, a pale green or burgundy red

3. Ezio. he is anime.

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1. Do you love me? 2. Where is my fluff? 3. Where is our fluff?

Asked by poifish-puffs

1. yes

2. it’s uh, hiding



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1. What's your biggest passion like something you just take every opportunity to get talking about 2. What's your dream that you want to accomplish 3. do you realize how pretty you are ya big cute patoot

Asked by Anonymous

1. Wow um, I really have no clue, I guess League at the moment. Otherwise science and psychology. I really like philosophical conversations. Also I do enjoy ranting with my friends about art pieces we do not agree with LOL

2. To have my own apartment with lots of cats and art books and pillows. Also I suppose to be a successful artist with published comics would be cool to.

3. fhdjksfds ////////////

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1. What do you like about yourself? 2. Do you have a favourite book? If so, what is it? 3. I couldn't think of a third question so uh do whatever you want. You're a cutie by the way ♥

Asked by Anonymous

bwaaa no you’re a cutie! y vy

1. Physically or mentally? I really like my hands. They’re very petite and thin. Mentally, I suppose I like my cynicism and my willingness to analyze everything.

2. My usual go to is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Otherwise, I’d say the Time Machine by H.G Wells or Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.

3. //snorts here then have a bird: 

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i think this is actually a really good test to see if you’re putting a woman in clothing that is too sexualized and impractical. 

if you put a man in the same clothing and they look like a stripper, then maybe you’re sexualizing the woman a little too much.


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Asakusa Nekoen in Tokyo, Japan

This place is a little small and the cats take a little warming up. But again, give some treats and they’ll swarm all over you. This cat cafe takes in abandoned cats and adopts them out so not only do you get to enjoy their presence, but you can be sure they’ll be sent to a good home! 

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Nekokaigi in Kyoto, Japan

A really adorable cat cafe will really charming cats. Literally everything I imagined a cat cafe to be. Give a cat some treats and they will literally swarm you.

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